Technical Papers

Sappi’s technical paper range combines an interleaving paper for high-quality metal, steel and glass printing, and a base paper for thermal coating and printing.

With its smooth, non-abrasive surface, the interleaving Leina Intra paper is the ideal choice for high-end applications due to its premium look compared to unbleached grades. Not only is it reusable but its excellent mechanical properties mean it can also be used safely in harsh industrial environments.

Our Algro Thermo coated paper offers a superior optical appearance with sharp and clear print results, meaning customers can be confident they’re getting the best possible quality.

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Thanks to its smooth, non-abrasive surface, Leine Intra is an ideal interleaving paper for high quality metal, steel and glass.

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With its superior optical appearance and high whiteness, Algro Thermo is ideal as a base paper for thermal coating or for use in direct thermal printing.